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A death in the family is hard enough on its own, but add to the mix the process of probate and you have a heartache and a headache all wrapped into one. So what is required in the State of California to sell real estate through probate? Well, let’s take a look at the process and break it down to make it a bit easier to understand and deal with.
Once an administrator or executor of an estate has been appointed, they will begin the process of assessing and managing all the assets of the ...


Matt Rogers recently helped me to buy my very first condo in San Mateo! From the start, Matt devoted his time to give me information and help make this process go as smoothly as possible. Being a first time home buyer, Matt took so much time to help make sure I was knowledgable and aware of the whole process and that I was getting the best opportunities. Matt was always willing to help meet me, talk with me, call another agent and get a key to show me anything at any time. One of the best parts is how great Matt was at being aware of my wants and needs. He helped me to be smart about my options and would take the time to find out the small but important bits of information regarding each place I looked at.

I will admit, I was not the easiest client to work with, as I couldn’t make up my mind, had to talk out everything I did, or didn’t do, multiple times. Each time, Matt took to the phone and listened while I talked it all out, met me at the place to look at it “just one more time” before I could decide. He was able to help keep me focused on what was important. We went through many offers together, and while I was getting discouraged, Matt stayed strong and knew the best was just around the corner.

This evening after work, as I walked in the door to my new home, I thought of the day Matt brought me here to show me the available unit. He nailed it! I couldn’t walk away without it, and Matt worked night and day to help me get it. Every now and then, I think about how I have keys on my keychain to my very own place. And that’s all because of Matt. I can’t thank him enough for giving me this gift of a home!

—Megan A.
San Mateo